Here’s video of communal dancing in the Beijing park:

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Walked from my hotel to the Black Bamboo Park couple of days ago. Here are some photos:

Lots of bicycles in Beijing.

Special lane for bicycles on many roads. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of cars and busses too — just with 13 million people, some people need to ride bikes to get around.

The park was fantastic. Here’s a picture from a movie I took. (I’ll post the movie below.) These women were dancing in the park to recorded music. Nice form of exercise and community involvement.

Plenty of stuff for the kids. There was even a little amusement park with rides.

I’m running out of time. I’ll post some more photos without any text.

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As long as the Wall Street Journal’s editorial content doesn’t decline, I think I’ll be a fan of the Murdoch’s ownership:

News Corp.’s Rupert Murdoch has said he might make the Wall Street Journal’s Web site free, a shift that could compel Pearson to do the same with the online version of its Financial Times … is one of the Web’s most successful subscription businesses with a $99 annual charge and making it free would be aimed at lifting online ads from an anticipated jump in readers.

Hopefully the change won’t accompany the addition of a Page 3 Girl.

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