Pepcid AC

Had a dinner guest over last night who made an excellent point about our fat-riddled society. It’s pretty ridiculous that pharmaceutical companies sell products like Pepcid AC as relief for eating giant chili dogs. Instead of changing our behavior and eating foods that are healthy for us, let’s just take a magic pill that makes our stomach’s happy. Yet another example of our civilization’s impending demise. See also plastic surgery, Bratz, and electric jar lid removers.

Of course, my guest also has something against delicious powdered chocolate milk. So, take her advice with a grain of salt.

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Bratz Babyz

Bratz babies. Quite unsettling. My earlier thoughts here. Another blogger has taken up the cause. He writes:

“They know how to flaunt it, and they’re keeping it real in the crib.”

What exactly is the penalty for failing to keep it real in the crib? Someone busts a cap in yo Pamper? I know I am old and so out of step it’s a wonder I don’t just appear as an indistinct smear, but was it really necessary to push the Age of Sultry Hussyism down to the infant stage? And who, exactly, are the Babyz flaunting it for? Are we going to see a commercial with Elmo in sunglasses, sitting with his legs sprawled, spanking some pliant Babyz with one hand while gumming down some mashed crack?

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Let them be kids

My daughter will be six-years-old in May. She’s now been invited to two different Bratz-themed parties.

If you’re not familiar with this new line of dolls, here’s the Bratz Web site. Take a second to look around. It’s disturbing.

The catchy tag line: “Girls with a fashion for passion.” Alas, I think my daughter will become preoccupied with fashion in her own time. I see no reason to get her thinking about it before she’s six.

The whole Bratz world also continues a disquieting trend: The sexification of kids. I find something objectionable to giving my daughter a doll with a visible midriff.

I guess I should take solace from this news.

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