Das boot motorisch

Drove up to a marine shop in Dawsonville yesterday to pick up an outboard motor and the steering system for the boat. This is a late-80s Johnson, 40-hp outboard. Should be plenty of motor to power my 15-foot watercraft. She’s in very good shape — looks brand new under the hood, so don’t let the weathered exterior mislead you. I’ll have to drive back up there in a week or so and buy a trailer. Can’t actually put the motor on until the boat is higher off the ground. But, I couldn’t move forward with the interior construction without knowing what kind of motor and steering I’ll be using. If all goes according to plan, I’ll have this boat in the water sometime in early May.

Oh, and I’ve decided on a name. I’m going to call her the “Shackleton” — after my favorite arctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton. He knew a thing or two about perseverance. Given how long it’s taken me to complete this boat, I can definitely relate.

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Boot Etage komplett

I’ve finished laying the boat’s floorboard. I went ahead and put a coat of primer on the forward section — although that won’t be the final color. It is distinctive, though.

Next will be the dashboard — easier to do that before finishing the deck on the bow. I need to buy a steering wheel. I like some of these on ebay.

I’m traveling with the family to North Carolina this week followed by a trip next weekend to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl. My East Carolina Pirates will be facing the Razorbacks of Arkansas. Argghhh!!!

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Das Boot Updaten

I’ve been working on the boat for the past few months off and on. Here’s the progress so far:


I’ve laid the floorboard on the bow. This will be storage space under the top decking, so I didn’t worry about it looking that pretty. Just need to putty up some holes and paint it before I top off the bow.


With the help of a good friend, I’ve laid the floorboard supports from the back of the boat to the dashboard (well, where the dash will be.) This took a little while because the instructions weren’t really that clear on how to do it. I even called the boat plan designer and he told me that much of the cabin construction was “up to the individual builder.”


And, I’ve added those strips that go down the sides to form the walls.

So, I’ve made some reasonable progress. Before I leave for my post-Christmas excursions, I plan to finish the floorboards. I’ll need go to Home Depot to buy some more plywood. Not sure about the thickness — thick enough that it won’t sag when people stand on it, but thin enough that it won’t unnecessarily weigh down the boat. Any suggestions?

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Das Boot Ausflippen

I’ll be flipping the boat over tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. I’ve invited most of my friends to come over to help out. I figure I need about a dozen strapping helpers to flip the 750-pound boat over. How will I entice these people? A perfect combination of Cheerwine and Pabst Blue Ribbon. If you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by. We’ll be enjoying some pulled-pork barbecue afterward.

I’ve built a simple cradle for the boat to sit on when it’s ride-side up. I didn’t build anything for the sides, so we’ll need to make sure we don’t put too much weight on the side as we tumble her over. I have used tires standing by — to soften the roll.

Hopefully, all will go well. I’ll post pictures later and mayhaps even a little video.

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