Welcome! On this page you will find syllabuses and other documents for the classes of Matt J. Duffy. Please take your time and stroll around. Enjoy! (At the bottom, I’ve published my photos from formal nights. Students attending the second exam of my media law class participate in formal night.)



Duffy’s Crash Course on Good Writing

For all students, you should read: Duffy’s Crash Course on Good Writing

Writing and editing courses

Extra Credit Assignments

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How to write a story rather than a report.

Dr. Matt J. Duffy’s formal night!

May 12, 2005. North Metro Technical College, Acworth, Georgia, “Intro to writing.”

I taught my first class at this tech school. Loved it and decided to get my PhD and start teaching as a professor. Ten years later, I made it.

formal night 2015
Duffys Media Law Formal Night

November, 2015: Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia, Media Law.

Below, Spring 2016: A little lower turnout because everybody had to stay dressed this way all day.  

Media Law Spring 2016