Pan’s Labryinth

The 2006 Guillermo Del Toro movie is my next featured film. My favorite critic, Roger Ebert, called it a “fairy tale for grownups.” The cinematic artwork is wondrously beautiful and exhaustingly creative. Del Toro certainly has quite an imagination. The storyline involves powerful myths that speak to the heart of humanity. I’d imagine Del Toro is a fan of Joseph Campbell. The film can be a little gruesome, but I encourage the faint of heart to merely avert their eyes at the right times.

The Del Toro films “Hellboy” and “Hellboy II” should also earn honorable mentions for their creativity and wit. And the Mexican director also co-wrote one of the better op/eds in The New York Times.

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Duffy’s 10 favorite films of all time

Fantastic Mr. Fox is my first choice for this addition to my blog. The other nine films will come over the next few weeks.

Based on the classic book by Roald Dahl, the film should not be dismissed as child’s fare. The humor is definitely high-brow and it’s one of those films that gets funnier the more you watch it and catch all the little intricacies.

The scene above features the explanation of the game “whackbat.” This is exactly what it sounds like when someone tries to explain cricket to me.

The funniest exchange:

“Coach, do you think I’m getting better?”

“Well, you’re sure as cuss not getting any worse.”

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