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Matt J. Duffy, PhD, is an academic media scholar. His works have been accepted for publication in the Journal of Middle East Media, the Journal of Mass Media Ethics and the Newspaper Research Journal. An assistant professor of communication, Duffy teaches UAE and international media law at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. He is an active member of AUSACE, the Arab-US Association for Communication Educators. Follow him on Twitter.

Today’s journalism iPhone apps

We hosted CNN cross-platform editor Jennifer Matthews in class today. Here are the journalism apps on her iPhone:

  • Evernote — for taking notes
  • Dropbox — for sharing info 
  • iTalk — audio app
  • CameraPlus — good camera
  • Tape-A-Call Pro — phone recorder
  • FilmRic Pro — video editor
  • RealTalk — audio recorder
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