The readings address the nature of the free press in the United States and globally. I’ve updated them slightly since last semester.

April 15

April 17

April 22

      • Class video

April 24

    • Read: Reaction to “Innocence of Muslims” video
    • Watch: Hamza Yusuf discussing free speech and the right to offend in aftermath of “Innocense of Muslims.” He references the attack on the Benghazi embassy in Libya, which occurred at the same time.
    • Read: Amartya Sen talking about press freedom and civil society. Sen is a Nobel Prize-winning academic.
    • Questions to answer before coming to class. Put the answers on paper so you can turn them in.

April 29

    • Readings:
      • Arab Media Laws
      • US free speech and terrorism
      • Answer these questions before class:
        • What are the five areas where Arab media laws differ most with international norms?
        • How does US approach to terrorism speech compare/contrast with Arab media law
        • How should the US change its approach to free speech?
        • How should the Arab world change its approach?
      • Put the answers on paper so you can turn them in.
    • Clay Shirky video. (We’ll watch this in class.)

May 1

Final Exam (6 p.m.): Here’s the study guide.