Tangier, Morocco — Three journalism professors will offer tips on integrating “Social Media in the Newsroom” during a three-hour workshop in Tangier, Morocco on Nov. 14.

The presentation will focus on real-world applications and demonstrate how the top media outlets are incorporating relevant social media features.

Examples will include Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and lesser-known social media tools such as Ushahidi crowd-sourced maps.

“The social media landscape is changing,” Marty Steffans, a professor at University of Missouri, said. “We’ll tell you want you need to know about social media news gathering and news promotion, and what you’ll need to know in the year ahead.”

Steffans will be presenting the workshop along with Kim Fox of the American University of Cairo and Matt Duffy of Kennesaw State University. The workshop will serve both practicing news media professionals and university professors interested in keeping up with the latest social media usage. 

The event will be free to AUSACE conference participants or just 75 Moroccon Dirhams (roughly 9 US dollars) for others. To enroll, send an email to mattjduffy@gmail.com.

AUSACE, the Arab-U.S. Association for Communication Educators, is an academic group dedicated to improving journalism instruction in the Middle East and in the United States.