Russia Today news anchor Abby Martin makes some good points about the treatment of just one Palestinian — Samer Issawi, who’s on a hunger strike in an Israeli jail. He appears to have been detained without reason and held indefinitely without any court supervision.

When the third intifada comes and we wonder what’s wrong with all those enraged Palestinians, remember this report. Terrorism seems like a valid alternative when there appears to be no movement whatsoever to alleviating excruciatingly bad conditions. That’s the predicament Palestinians find themselves in today. They, of course, share some of the blame for the current situation — but Israel, too, seems quite unwilling to make any movement toward finding a solution. Both sides need to make big concessions to find a solution to their current impasse.

On another note, the media outlet that chose to bring light to Issawi’s case is Russia Today. For various reasons, US-based outlets would rarely speak so stridently in favor of a Palestinian.