Just wanted to immortalize this mention I received in The Economist magazine:

Even the United Arab Emirates (UAE), long regarded as a beacon of stability, seems beset with anxiety. Six Emiratis have recently been arrested, taking to 56 the number of activists detained since the fasting month of Ramadan began on July 20th. The UAE news agency said the first 50 had plotted to destabilise the country and to “distort its shining image before the world”. An American professor of journalism, Matt Duffy, who encouraged his students to debate such issues as press freedom, was recently expelled from the UAE.

I don’t know the identity of the Mideast correspondent for The Economist — the publication famously doesn’t provide bylines for any of their articles. But, I do appreciate this person for taking the time to note my departure. I think it’s worded pretty carefully — no causation, just two statements of facts.

Now, if I can just figure out how to mention this on my CV…