The AP just ran a brief item on the arrest of a blogger in Bahrain:

MANAMA, Bahrain — A social media editor in Bahrain says the tiny Gulf country’s most prominent blogger and vocal supporter of Shiite-led anti-government protests has been detained.

Amira al-Husseini, a Middle East and North Africa editor at Global Voices Online says police took the 50-year-old blogger, Mahmoud al-Youssef, into custody early Wednesday from his home in Duraz, an opposition stronghold northwest of the capital Manama.

Only trouble with the report? Al Hussaini disputes many of those facts. In her Twitter feed, she states:

Reporter calls me to ask about @mahmood I tell her we are trying to find out more; She spells my name wrong; she says I said Mahmood is a supporter of the Shiite-led anti-govt protests WHICH I DID NOT SAY; She says I said he lives in Duraz, when I told her I didn’t know where he lived exactly.. and she (or her editors) completely edit out all my other comments. Dear International Press, thank you for your support but I hope you realise that our country and people now FIRST punish and then investigate. THINK before you throw us under the bus.

Ouch. Please note, Amira, that I spelled your name correctly.

Hopefully, the AP will fix these issues in future updates to the story. International coverage of this arrest will certainly put pressure on the government to release him. But, these reports must also be accurate and take into account the sensitive political situation on the ground. In this instance, the AP appears to have failed on both counts.