Although attributed to anonymous sources, the NY Times adds some interesting background to Mubarak’s final days in power. According to the paper, Gamal Mubarak was the guy telling Hosni that he should remain as president until September:

As their swelling protests shook the Egyptian state, they were locked in a virtual tug of war with a leader with a very different vision — Gamal Mubarak, the son of PresidentHosni Mubarak, a wealthy investment banker and ruling-party power broker. Considered the heir apparent to his father until the youth revolt eliminated any thought of dynastic succession, the younger Mubarak pushed his father to hold on to power even after his top generals and the prime minister were urging an exit, according to American officials who tracked Hosni Mubarak’s final days.

The defiant tone of the president’s speech on Thursday, the officials said, was largely his son’s work.

“He was probably more strident than his father was,” said one American official, who characterized Gamal’s role as “sugarcoating what was for Mubarak a disastrous situation.” But the speech backfired, prompting Egypt’s military to force the president out and assert control of what they promise will be a transition to civilian government.

I find it fascinating that children of dictators can be so oblivious to the reality of their situation. I guess growing up in a world of privilege dulls the senses.

I’m sure Kim Jong Il’s kid thinks taking over for his dad is the best thing for the people of North Korea too.