Proud of my student’s editorial in today’s The National newspaper. She based it on one of my favorite books, “Integrity” by Stephen Carter:

Unfortunately, many students don’t think about integrity when they go to their schools or universities. In reality, we have corruption – the opposite of integrity – among some students. Corruption, according to Mr Carter, is “getting away with things we know to be wrong”. This means that we do some wrong things even though we know in our hearts that we shouldn’t.

Many students know that they are doing something wrong – cheating – but they still do it to get their grades. Some cheat on their exams by taking a peek at their classmates’ answers. Other students apparently pay money for specialists to do their assignments and projects for them. They make excuses, saying that they can cheat just a little, just once, to help their friends.

Read this rest. She showed a lot of integrity choosing to spotlight this issue.