Good reporting from 7DAYS, the UAE’s tabloid newspaper, regarding the looming deadline to get an Emirates ID card:

But with just over two weeks to go, a 7DAYS investigation has found that signing up to the compulsory scheme is far from easy.

The process is clearly laid out on the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) website and seems simple enough. Applicants must fill in a form, pay the fees at a typing centre and then wait for a call to attend a registration session where fingerprints and photos are taken.

But when 7DAYS tried to call each of the 30 typing centres listed for Dubai to see if we could start the application process, we found only nine were working numbers.

Of those, three answered and just one said it was currently accepting applications.

One customer service adviser at Copy Corner Head Office in Al Rashidiya said it had a backlog of more than 1,000 forms and would not process any more this week.

That’s good journalism. If you read the Gulf News story a couple of days ago, you’d believe that everything was running smoothly. Of course, that’s because the government representative said that everything was running smoothly. And nobody bothered to ask anyone if everything really was, in fact, running smoothly.

Good show, 7DAYS.