Abu Dhabi features many of these hole-in-the-wall bakeries. Two or three men work in them (usually at night when it’s cooler) mixing dough by hand and baking flat bread in this rudimentary oven. They sell the bread to passersby and local grocery stores.

After I took a picture of this one, I asked to buy one piece of bread. They were all smiles inside and insisted on giving me one fresh from the oven.

“How much?”

“One dirham.”

“What a bargain,” I exclaimed. (A dirham is 27 U.S. cents.)

I offered the gentleman a dirham, but he refused to take it. Instead he pointed at me. Then, he pointed at his chest. Then he held up his two pointer fingers and he hooked them together. I don’t speak Arabic and he doesn’t speak English — but, I think I understand exactly what he meant.

I started to refuse the gift, then smartened up. I smiled and put my hands together in front of my chest. I bowed and said “Shokrun. Ma’a Salama.” (Thank you. Goodnight.)

The bread was delicious — and the experience was indeed a bargain.