Fantastic summation from a UAE blogger about the plight of taxi drivers in the Emirates and the media’s understated coverage. Taxi drivers in Sharjah recently had their pay slashed, and they’re quite unhappy about it. But, you can’t get a firm idea of how big a deal it is by reading the local press. Alexander McNabb notes:

I have posted before at some length about the awful conditions under which these drivers are working – and about the lack of coverage being afforded the whole dispute by the local news media who, while quick to protest their disintermediation with cries of context and analysis, have given us little more than compliance and silence. Gulf News, in particular has chosen to bury the story, something it rather does again today by featuring the dispute as a decoration to the gutter on page 6 under the roaring headline, ‘Taxi drivers protest salary deduction’.

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This seems like a great story for the local press. We’re not talking about taking on the ruling elite — just spotlighting that some ex-pats here are getting an incredibly raw deal. That’s what journalists are supposed to do.