Click here to read an expanded Twitter conversation between a scientist, sociologist and communication prof (at GSU, my alma mater) about … well, about a lot of things fascinating to me. Read it and see if you find it interesting as well.

I agree with Ted and Erik about the concept of “fundamentalist atheism.” Some atheists are so fervant in their atheism (as I once was) that it’s basically a religious faith. I also agree that we shouldn’t let The Skeptical Inquirer and Penn & Teller corner the market on skepticism. There are scientifically based skeptics who question widely held assumptions as well (such as Sheldrake).

Here’s a good bit:

Andrew:@Ted Category error: Dawkins &c not fundamentalist in same sense as religious types. Skepticism is part of method.

…as is the line between fundamentalists and proponents of well-tested scientific theories.

Ted:@Andrew Disagree. Empiricist arrogance leads to orthodoxy, incuriosity, and silencing skeptics. Synchronicity is more than truthy.

Good point. Now go read the article on synchronicity — I thought it was just the title of an album by the Police.