Here’s how the boat looks now — the benches offer comfortable seating but allow for some open space in the back. That they all serve as storage compartments increases their innate coolness.

You’ll notice, however, that the Shackleton’s not in the water as planned. That’s because the motor wouldn’t start when I tested her this morning. Such a development was not anywhere in my consideration. The motor started fine when I bought it three weeks ago, so I had no reason to worry about this. I should have tested it days ago when I first got it on the transom. I’m sure that it’s something simple — perhaps I didn’t hook something up correctly. (She turns over but won’t start.)

So, I figure I’ll call the outboard shop tomorrow and talk it over with a mechanic. I also ordered the manual today — prolly should have done this earlier as well. I’ll go ahead and add the windshield this week and hopefully get the motor started soon. Oh, and the delay will also allow me to register the boat properly — thought I could do it online, but it’s not that simple. Because it’s handmade, I’ve got to call the state and receive a “hull identification number.”

I’ve waited three-and-a-half years to take this boat out — one more week won’t kill me.