Making progress on the boat. First, I completed the steering system. Had to get creative to fit the steering shaft behind the dashboard:

There’s a few screws, some lag bolts, and some slanted pieces of wood holding that steering shaft into place — it won’t be going anywhere.

Next, I put the decking on the bow. Started by placing a big piece of plywood over the whole space and then tracing a pencil line underneath:

I cut out the piece and then glued and screwed it onto the bow. On the right side, I forgot to add 3/8″ for the inside side planking. So, it’s a little short:

I figure a little wood putty with some creative sanding and you’ll never notice. Measured the other side correctly and it fit into place perfectly:

That’s my son, Jake, wondering about the location of the steering wheel. Here’s the whole boat from the back — I added the inside of the sides and the throttle and direction controls as well:

That’s Jake showing off the strength of that bow decking. We worked on that boat a lot today — will post those pictures later. We sanded the bow and filled all the screws and small gaps with wood putty.

Next is building the motor well in the back and then painting everything. After that, I’ve got to build the windshield — that’ll be pretty tough because the bow decking is curved. Will require a little figuring. Hmm…