Drove up to a marine shop in Dawsonville yesterday to pick up an outboard motor and the steering system for the boat. This is a late-80s Johnson, 40-hp outboard. Should be plenty of motor to power my 15-foot watercraft. She’s in very good shape — looks brand new under the hood, so don’t let the weathered exterior mislead you. I’ll have to drive back up there in a week or so and buy a trailer. Can’t actually put the motor on until the boat is higher off the ground. But, I couldn’t move forward with the interior construction without knowing what kind of motor and steering I’ll be using. If all goes according to plan, I’ll have this boat in the water sometime in early May.

Oh, and I’ve decided on a name. I’m going to call her the “Shackleton” — after my favorite arctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton. He knew a thing or two about perseverance. Given how long it’s taken me to complete this boat, I can definitely relate.