Good column on the concept of Emotional Intelligence, super-shorthand for having good “people skills.” Management expert Jill Geisler notes that emotionally un-intelligent managers:

* Jump to wrong conclusions while others reason clearly
* Shift into crisis mode when others remain calm
* Fly off the handle when others keep their cool
* Expect people to deal with their frequent mood swings or outbursts
* Use hyperbolic language that ill-defines a situation
* Are oblivious to the feelings of others
* Are aware of feelings of others but unconcerned about them
* Fail to build alliances and partnerships across work groups
* Think they are behaving as a good leader should while doing all the above

So, how does one develop emotionally intelligence?

Self-awareness is, in fact, one of the keys to emotional intelligence… It’s important to understand how your emotions affect you, for better and for worse. But it’s not enough to know you have a short temper or don’t want to talk when you’re under stress. You also have to be self-managing. That’s the tricky part — learning to change the behaviors that get in the way of your effectiveness, rather than expecting people to embrace, endure or work around them.

Good stuff.