Nice summation of an academic paper examining why so many professors tend to sit at the left end of the political spectrum. Two reasons (among several): 1) Despite high intelligence, profs are paid less than private sector smarties, so they tend to favor redistributive policies; 2) Academics is now typecast as a suitable job for liberal thinkers.

This last quote says a lot:

“[W]e theorize that, within the general constraint that more liberals than conservatives will aspire for advanced educational credentials and academic careers of any kind, liberal students will be far more inclined than conservatives to enter fields that have come to define themselves around left-valenced images of intellectual personhood,” the paper says. “Over the course of its 20th century history, for example, sociology has increasingly defined itself as the study of race, class, and gender inequality — a set of concerns especially important to liberals — and this means that sociology will consistently recruit from a more liberal applicant pool than fields like mechanical engineering, and prove a more chilly home for those conservatives who manage to push through into graduate school or the academic ranks.”

Makes sense.