Great profile in The Atlantic about George Noory, the host of a late-night talk radio program that explores conspiracy theories and the supernatural. The program, “Coast to Coast,” commands an audience of 3 million listeners while airing nationwide on AM stations from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. I regularly listened to the show while driving home from my newspaper jobs back in the day.

The previous host, Art Bell, was terribly suspicious of “contrails” — the condensation trails left by commercial jets. He and many others believed that they were used to spread biological agents all across the United States. Wikipedia has an article devoted to the “chemtrails” conspiracy. Not sure I’m buying that one.

The article on Noory is interesting because it sheds a light on the huge — yet scarcely acknowledged — conspiracy movement out there. Quite a few people don’t trust much of what they hear. No easy remedy for that — probably just part of human nature. Besides, all conspiracies are wacky, except the ones that turn out to be true.

On another note, the following quote from Noory struck me because he said something that we rarely talk about:

“People are interconnected, and they are pulling themselves to a central point where we’re all meeting, which happens to be this radio show. But there is something out there that is truly profound. I mean, today they announced that the astronauts had attached a brand-new camera to the Hubble telescope, which they said would allow them to peer back to just 500 million years after the dawn of the universe. Isn’t that an incredibly profound statement? Five hundred million years after the dawn of the universe? What dawned it? You know, how did it start? Who are we? What are we doing here?”

Great questions, George.