Less than two hours ago, I criticized an AJC news article for failing to be careful in their reporting on an allegation of sexual misconduct regarding a high school counselor. The article’s lede read that the counselor had been “arrested for fondling a student…” I noted that the wording was too definitive, since he hadn’t been convicted of anything. My blog fed my post to both Facebook and Twitter.

I just received a message via Twitter from the AJC. It read: “Thank you for bringing that to our attention. The problem has been addressed. http://bit.ly/60dDwo”

The article’s lede now reads: “A Cobb County high school counselor arrested for allegedly fondling a student has declined to resign.”

Wow! Talk about embracing the new media environment. Three cheers for the AJC and their digital journalists. When I’m finished with my dissertation, I plan to write an article for American Journalism Review highlighting these and other changes the AJC’s been making. They should be a model for the newspaper industry.