The St. Petersburg Times’ Politifact is a pretty good Web site. In fact, it won the Pulitzer Prize. A regular feature fact checks a healthy collection of quotes from figures on both sides of the political spectrum. Editors then determine their level of truthiness. Pretty good reading and apparently pretty free of bias. Here are a few good ones:

“President Obama’s proposal calls for serious cuts in our own long-term carbon emissions,” but China and India will still be allowed to increase their emissions.” — Sarah Palin

“Today and every day, an estimated 14,000 Americans will lose their health insurance coverage.” — Tom Harkin

The Climatic Research Unit e-mails show that the science behind climate change “has been pretty well debunked.” — Tom Inhofe

President Obama has “the worst ratings of any president at the end of his first year.” — Karl Rove

Depending on your political sensibilities you may already suspect which statements are true and which are lies. Click on Page 2 below to find out where they stand.