For your holiday reading pleasure, find the following links to some award-winning magazine essays and articles:

1) Steven Brill’s essay, “The Rubber Room,” focuses on the New York City teachers who don’t teach but can’t be fired.

2) Bethany Vaccaro’s piece, “Shock Waves,” concerns a family dealing with their brother’s brain injury, caused by an I.E.D. explosion in Iraq.

3) “The Goldstone Illusion” by Moshe Halbertal details the ridiculousness of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

4) William M. Chace’s  “The Decline of the English Department” ponders why fewer and fewer college students major in the humanities.

5) “Is Food the New Sex?” by Mary Eberstadt examines the flip-flop of food and sexual mores.

6) Malcolm Gladwell’s “Offensive Play” looks at the lingering effects of football violence.

(I culled the list from David Brooks’ column in the New York Times.)