I’ve been working on the boat for the past few months off and on. Here’s the progress so far:


I’ve laid the floorboard on the bow. This will be storage space under the top decking, so I didn’t worry about it looking that pretty. Just need to putty up some holes and paint it before I top off the bow.


With the help of a good friend, I’ve laid the floorboard supports from the back of the boat to the dashboard (well, where the dash will be.) This took a little while because the instructions weren’t really that clear on how to do it. I even called the boat plan designer and he told me that much of the cabin construction was “up to the individual builder.”


And, I’ve added those strips that go down the sides to form the walls.

So, I’ve made some reasonable progress. Before I leave for my post-Christmas excursions, I plan to finish the floorboards. I’ll need go to Home Depot to buy some more plywood. Not sure about the thickness — thick enough that it won’t sag when people stand on it, but thin enough that it won’t unnecessarily weigh down the boat. Any suggestions?