Normally, I don’t like to side with the man, but for this case I digress:

Stevenson High School administrators said Friday that school staff halted publication of the campus newspaper because the latest edition would have included anonymous allegations of students breaking the law. 

“The Statesman’s publication, originally scheduled for Friday, November 20, was delayed because its faculty advisors determined that an article featuring anonymous sources discussing alleged illegal activity was not fit for print,” according to a  written statement from school administrators that Jim Conrey, Stevenson’s director of public information, e-mailed in response to Pioneer Press questions.

The school administration disputed a news report in which student editors said publication was stopped because the newspaper included articles about teen smoking, drinking, pregnancy and shoplifting.

I’d call that good journalism pedagogy. Students should learn to avoid unnamed sourcing — especially in high school.

Oh, and that’s perfectly constitutional, by the way, because of the precedent set by Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier.