Well, this seems like a great idea:

As print publishers struggle to transition to the digital age (and essentially, survive), Time Inc. is shopping around an idea: a Hulu for magazines joint venture.

The core of the plan is to create an iTunes-like digital storefront where content can be bundled into subscriptions and delivered to customers on multiple devices.

According to All Things Digital, the plan is being well-received, with Hearst and Conde Nast reportedly expected to sign on to the venture.

Lots of details have yet to be worked out, with one particularly huge question to be answered: what type of content, exactly, would the store be selling? A simple digital copy of the corresponding print magazine is in most cases already available on the web for free, with customers showing little interest in paying for that format.

I’m on a bit of a magazine kick lately. Here are my favorite titles: Atlanta Magazine, The Atlantic, Fast Company, The Week and National Geographic. I’m no longer reading The Economist — the best news magazine out there, but it’s too expensive and too much effort to read. Sorry, Brits.