Here’s an exchange on Facebook from a former student of mine. I’ve added hyperlinks for the uninitiated:

Dana: is writing a paper on Citizen Kane and wondering why it’s “one of the greatest movies of all time.” longest 113 minutes of my life.

Valery: its a god damn sled… A FREAKING SLED… FML.. hate that teacher.. had to write the same effing paper.. come up with some original assignments

Dana: dude i have been staring at my computer screen for 30 minutes and all ive done is a cover page. this is painful. how do i write about something that i hate and keep it totally neutral? i wish it was an opinionated paper then id have a whole lot to say…

Valery: that movie is such a POS. “OOOH CAMERA ANGLES MAKES IT DA BEST MOVIE EVARRRR” wtf. and have you noticed he wears the same thing every day. every. day.

Dana: haha yeah its like his voluntary uniform. so strange. what techniques did you write about? cuz some of them only have one example in the movie…

Valery: hell if I remember.. Im amused that I had to write the same paper for him like 4 years ago. seriously 4 years ago.. come up with a different curriculum FFS. I dont even remember.. camera angle.. zoom.. uhh flash backs I think was one

Dana: haha yeah seriously…oh goodness this is going to be a long night!

Valery: now you see why I hated that class!

Then, I chimed in and brought the conversation to a screeching halt. But, this is why I love being Facebook friends with students — gives me a unique perspective. And reminds me of the need to make sure I rotate my wardrobe.