A while back, I wrote a paper on the Ukrainian revolution of 2004. During my research, I came across a song that became the unofficial anthem of the Orange Revolution. According to the participants, the song “Razom nas bahato” (“Together we are many”) was a ubiquitous part of the massive outdoor protests that unfolded that November.

For whatever reason, the song has always stuck with me. I find myself humming it, even though I don’t understand all the words.

So, now — I’d like to share it with you. Click here to listen.

The English translation:

Together we are many
We cannot be defeated.
Falsifications. No!
Machinations. No!
‘Little Understandings’. No!
No to lies!
Yushchenko, Yushchenko!
is our President.
Yes! Yes! Yes!


We aren’t beasts of burden.
We aren’t goats.
We are of Ukraine
sons and daughters
It’s now or never
enough of waiting
together we are many
together we cannot be

Catchy tune, no?