Met a guy at a party last night who told me about his trip across Asia — from Japan to China to Tibet to India to Fiji and Australia. What a great trip.

Luckily he blogged about it here. He even went to a 10-day meditation retreat where he couldn’t speak or much of anything else. Here’s his summation of the experience:

That was probably the hardest part for me, which contributed the most to turning me off — the shear intensity of sitting there for so long, day after day. Going from barely ever having meditated in my life to immediately thrusting myself into a schedule of meditating for over ten hours a day was frickin difficult, to say the least. It resulted in wild oscillations of thought and mood ranging from “This is total nonsense, I am so out of here when that bell rings” to “OK, I get it. I am starting to feel sensations. I think I could really get into this,” not to mention lots of experimentation with sleeping while sitting up and daydreaming (I think I solved Fermat’s Last Theorem while I was there).

Check out the rest of the trip, pretty interesting stuff.