A Georgia State colleague has written an interesting piece on the TV show “Lost” and it’s connection to Carl Jung. I’d always heard that Jung and Frued split because the latter wouldn’t embrace the concept of spirituality — or belief in God. Ted Friedman sums up in a concise manner:

Jung is perhaps best known, to non-Jungians, for his split with Freud in the early twentieth century over the nature of the unconscious. Freud conceived of the unconscious as the repository of the individual’s repressed fears and urges. Jung, while acknowledging this aspect, argued that the unconscious is also a source of wisdom and power. He postulated the existence of a second layer beneath the personal unconscious, a collective unconscious, which houses “archetypes” – primal structures of energy transcending social and cultural circumstances.

Interesting. That “collective unconscious” is given different names in different cultures — the Higher Self, the Holy Ghost, Allah. But, I think they’re all talking about the same thing.

Now that’s provocative academic reading.