Got a little work done on the boat this week. Plan to work on it until Mid-June when I leave for Maine. I’ll post a big update then to show you my progress — I hope to finish the bottom and flip the boat over before I leave.

People sometimes ask me why I don’t work on the boat during the semester. Well, in addition to being busy with schoolwork (both teaching and taking classes), there’s one other major impediment: my garage is typically a mess.

Here’s a picture of what my garage looks like after emerging from a typical semester:

It usually takes me a day to get it into working order. I put away all the tools that I’ve left on the workbench and blow out all the sawdust with a power blower. Here’s the finished project:

And now I’m ready to devote some serious time to the project!

Here’s what I hope to accomplish: Finish putting plywood on that front section, release those battens and attach them to the forward hull, trim all the excess wood over the whole boat, sand and putty the bottom so its flush, and then apply the fiberglass. Ah, should be fun…