A $2,000 car will soon be available in India:

Potential owners of the car — which is just over three metres (10 feet) long and has a top speed of 105 kilometres (65 miles) per hour — can apply between April 9 and 25, Tata managing director Ravi Kant said.

A ballot will then select 100,000 people to be the first to get the keys to the vehicle and deliveries will start in early July 2009, he added.

Even affluent Indians are eyeing up the Nano, which has a two-cylinder engine and four-speed manual transmission but no air conditioning, electric windows or power steering, although deluxe versions will be available.

‘This is a value-for-money car,’ said Hasmukh Kakadia, 39, a Mumbai investment analyst.”

I think a slightly upscale product might sell well in the United States.