The Columbia Journalism Review is taking The Daily Beast to task for hiring Judith Miller, the NYT reporter chastised for her WMD reporting prior to the Gulf War.

Maybe Miller deserves a scarlet letter. Maybe that’s justice. But maybe that’s just vindictiveness, too. Acknowledging both her long and distinguished career and her colossally bad WMD reporting, does Judith Miller deserve this second chance? And, if so, to what extent should The Daily Beast acknowledge her past mistakes?

Miller followed current journalistic norms in anonymously quoting senior White House and Pentagon officials about their evidence that Iraq had WMD before the war. Her reporting did turn out to be colossally wrong, but only because her sources were.

Furthermore, when Dan Rather got a job helping teach journalism at a respected journalism program, where was the CJR article asking whether his reputation should be salvaged? Rather did some colossally bad reporting as well — but we seem to hold him to a different standard.