Georgia’s facing a $2.8 billion shortfall this year. So, it looks like some tax increases may be on the horizon. I wrote my two legislators just now with my priorities:


* ANY taxes on businesses — in fact, if we could improve the business climate here more, that’d be great.


* Taxes on cigarettes — I’m an ex-smoker and we should encourage others to become ex-smokers too.
* Taxes on snack foods, soft drinks, anything with preservatives — A growing body of evidence is showing that these types of foods have helped lead to our obesity epidemic. We’re all paying for the Georgians who aren’t taking care of what they put in the bodies; higher prices may help them to pick up an apple instead of a Ho-Ho.
* Taxes on gas — yes, I think our gas prices are too low — the nation was doing great at $4 per gallon. We should keep gas artificially high and spend the tax revenue on public transportation, trains, and sidewalks.

Quite a departure from my laisez-faire roots. But, I think Emerson was right.