Interesting read on the bargain hunting that’s occurring in the tech world:

Mr. Title, a 35-year-old new-media manager at a film production company in New York, has dropped his cable subscription and moved to watching most of his television online — free. While shopping for a new laptop for his girlfriend recently, he sidestepped more expensive full-featured computers and picked a bare-bones, $200 Asus EeePC laptop, also known as a netbook.

“We’ve reached one of those moments in tech history when there are low-priced and free alternatives that are both user-friendly and reliable enough to make the switch,” Mr. Title said. “Then there’s the extra bonus of saving some cash.”

That approach sounds familiar to me. But, that’ll wreak havoc with tech firm’s profit margins.

If history is a judge, we should expect this recession to shake up the major technology companies quite a bit.