Well, here’s one way to end the scourge of Bratz dolls:

MGA Entertainment Inc. was dealt a knock-out legal punch late Wednesday when a federal judge ordered the company to stop making the doe-eyed, pouty-lipped Bratz dolls it’s been selling since 2001. Competitors go up against each other every day, but it’s rare for a court to order a company’s products off the shelf, legal experts said.

The ruling came after a jury found in August that the Bratz creator developed the idea while working at Mattel, maker of the iconic Barbie doll. After a four-year legal battle, the jury awarded Mattel up to $100 million in damages for breach of contract and copyright infringement.

Good riddance.

At a government hearing in the U.K., this expert sums up what’s wrong with the dolls and the sexualization of our youth:

Mr Narducci warned that girls were effectively being trained to become sexual objects.

He said: “The use of sexual imagery is now more pervasive than before and it does give a very disturbing perspective on girls and young women.

“For girls, it’s all about being more attractive to a man. For boys, it’s all about looking at girls as sexual objects because that is what they are being trained to become.”