So, you may have noticed a dearth of ECU Pirate talk lately. Well, that’s because the wheels have fallen off my team. At one point we were 3-0 and the #15 team in the country. Now, we’re unranked and 3-3. It’s really an epic meltdown. We can still turn things around and compete for weak (C-USA) conference championship, but the season will always be remembered as a wasted opportunity.

That said, I got some great commiseration from a friend on facebook:

It could always be worse. Your team could:

1) Be leading it’s biggest rival 31-23 with about 3 minutes left.
2) Allow said team to drive the field for a touchdown and 2 point conversion with 1 minute left.
3) Get the kickoff with about 50 seconds, run three plays and have to punt with 20 seconds left.
4) Punt the ball, but not punt it out of bounds… Read More.
5) Allow the other team’s return man to go 69 yards untouched to the end zone for the winning touchdown with 1 second left.

That, my friend, is what happened to Richmond Saturday. I’m not bitter or anything.

Wow. It could be worse. Thanks.

And yes, I’m now using facebook as a springboard for most of my posts.