Article about a continued slump for the networks. Includes this bit about baseball:

For Fox, ‘American Idol’ can’t come soon enough. The network had a startling 5 million fewer viewers this year than the same week a year ago. The primary culprit was baseball, as the network’s coverage of the National League Championship Series between Philadelphia and Los Angeles laid an egg. The deciding fifth game had barely more than 8 million viewers.

I, for one, would’ve loved to have watched the Red Sox-Devil Rays matchup, but it was relegated to TBS, a cable channel. I thought since I lived in Atlanta, I’d get to watch the ole SuperStation, but alas, TBS is now only offered on cable systems. On Channel 17, I get something called “Peachtree TV.” But, I’m undaunted — still glad I gave up the cable box, despite these occasional inconveniences.