Stephen Hawking doesn’t think that new particle accelerator will find the Higgs Boson particle. Read the article — good primer on what that thing is all about. I’ll say this for Europe, that’s a big investment ($2.5 billion) for some pretty esoteric research. We tried to build one in the United States back in the 90s, but the taxpayer’s didn’t have the stomach to continue funding beyond the first $100 million. You can read about that one at Wikipedia.

They’re going to fire up that European particle accelerator tomorrow. Not sure what time. But, if you see a hole in the fabric of space-time approaching you sometime tomorrow, that would probably be a result of the particle accelerator. So, that’ll answer the “what time” question.

Oddly, if that does happen, then probably the last thing you’ll think of before ceasing to exist will be my blog.