Here’s my email responding to an apology from Hertz Rental Cars:

Your response is unsatisfactory on two counts:

First, I’m surprised that Hertz is not offering me some type of compensation for my troubles. I reserved a car online, but when I arrived the morning of my trip was told that there was no car on the lot, nor any car nearby. This was a huge inconvenience on the morning of a 600-mile trip. Yet, this email simply says that you’re sorry. I’m surprised that you didn’t offer me any gesture of goodwill — not even coupon for 10 percent off future rentals.

Second, I spoke with a Hertz employee who told me my experience was not uncommon. Hertz, I was told, often promises cars to online customers that don’t actually exist in the real world. So, rather than a situation that “can sometimes develop,” this sounds like a systemic problem with your organization.

Matt J. Duffy

We’ll see if that goes anywhere.