Interesting that “The Week” is increasing its circulation while other news magazines struggle:

… The Week is set to announce that effective in January it will raise its rate base by 25,000 readers to 500,000. The increase is the third since January 2008 and represents a doubling of circulation since 2004.

… By holding onto The Week and investing in its expansion, Mr. Dennis has bet that the magazine can succeed at a time when so many other weekly news publications are slipping. Time and Newsweek have been forced to cut their rate base and U.S. News & World Report recently announced it will publish every other week instead of weekly.

I would conjecture that part of “The Week”‘s popularity stems from its fundamental premise — that different media outlets report stories from different political perspectives. It’s not a crazy idea but still one that many traditional outlets (and academics) fail to grasp. Newsweek and Time would like to believe that they report from a totally “objective” frame, but of course, they don’t. “The Week” understand this and gives readers a chance to see stories from different perspectives in different media outlets.