Mythbusters are taking on the moon-landing conspiracy:

Ever since man went to the moon—and still today as America plans to go back (via DIY, NASA or the next president) —there have been those who said we never actually made it there in the first place. Instead, they say, the whole moon landing was a massive conspiracy perpetrated by NASA using elaborate sets and special effects. And they support their claims with what they believe to be irregularities in photography and film taken on the moon.

Sounds like a case for MythBusters and special-effects gurus Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, who take on the most popular lunar conspiracy theories tonight at 9 pm on the Discovery Channel with the help of a vintage NASA camera, a purpose-built rig and an airplane.

This is great — I’m amazed at how many of my students believe that we didn’t really go to the moon. It’s not really a fringe belief anymore. Apparently, some documentary aired a few years back about the fake moon landings. Perhaps this episode of Mythbusters will help straighten a few people out.