Funny interview in the Atlanta newspaper with Rainn Wilson, the actor who plays Dwight on the “The Office.” Here’s a bit on his nude scene in his upcoming movie “The Rocker”:

It’s all in the script. This former heavy metal drummer who’s given up on all of his dreams gets famous for being the Naked Drummer on YouTube. I’m happy to take off my clothes when it’s for comic effect. I’ll do it right now if you want. I’ll take my clothes off right here in this record store.

I wore what they call a modesty pouch, which is a little satchel that you put around your private jewels. It’s got a little drawstring on it. Of course in my case it’s like a gunnysack with a rope.

That’s comedy. He’s an interesting guy.

Here’s an interview a few months back about his religious beliefs — he’s a member of the Baha’i Faith. I’ve always remembered what he said about Hollywood morality:

There’s a predisposition to link corruption and Hollywood. Even Shoghi Effendi (Guardian of the Baha’i Faith) wrote about this. The problem is that everything you hear in the news is about the superficiality, immorality and degradation of Hollywood. But that is just not the case. Only a certain percent of the population is like that. It’s probably the same percentage as for doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, any profession. Some of the most morally conscious, kindest, most compassionate people are in the entertainment industry, people who want to affect the world and make it a better place through telling human, heartfelt stories.

Interesting viewpoint — certainly differs with my preconceived notions.