From a column on the Edwards affair, some pretty good presidential trivia:

All this is weirdly reminiscent of the saga of Grover Cleveland, my favorite American president when it comes to sex scandals. He had barely been nominated in 1884 when a small, scurrilous newspaper from his hometown of Buffalo accused him of being the father of a love child born to Maria Halpin, a store clerk. She later took to drink, and Cleveland, a bachelor, arranged to have the baby adopted by friends.

“Moral Monster,” said my favorite headline, in The Cincinnati Penny Post. “Grover Cleveland’s True Character Laid Bare. A Boon Companion to Buffalo Harlots. A Drunken, Fighting, Roistering Roué.” The scandal almost cost him the election, and the baby inspired a famous political slogan: Ma, Ma, where’s my Pa? Gone to the White House, ha, ha, ha.”