The chair of the Georgia State communication department loved the new “Batman”:

… let me simply urge you to see the movie if you haven’t already. Ignore the ignorance revealed by the critics who didn’t like it because the “fun” is gone from the Batman franchise. Yes, the picture is dark in every way, from the visual iconography of a Gotham mainly observed in silhouette (or at setting sun), to Heath Ledger’s creepy but finally stupendous and unforgettable last performance, to the existential pessimism that situates every moral choice in a larger fabric of lies where even conscientiously motivated decisions are always denied just outcomes. But this is all the more reason to go and soak it up, and then to think on it more fully as the Dark Knight’s plot twists and turns provoke your thinking further. And even if cinematic darkness is not your normal preference, give it this one shot, if only by asking how much fun there really was in that awful Batman/Clooney-and-Robin/O’Donnell-inhale-the-green-vegetable-smoke-from-PoisonIvy/Uma-and-see-the-testosterone-boiling version made ten years ago.

I had to quit reading there because I haven’t seen it yet.

I did see “Kung Fu Panda” at a drive-in in Saco, Maine. Surprisingly entertaining.