The AT&T U-Verse install guy just left. I now have TV and Internet through AT&T. Comcast is coming to pick up their crap-laden equipment later this week.

I’m no shill blogger, but U-Verse is awesome. I didn’t expect my picture quality to improve, but it did — dramatically. (AT&T uses fiber-optic lines, so it’s a far superior signal.) I also now have the ability to set my DVR through the Internet — so if I read about a good show online, I can set up a recording right from my laptop. I’m also getting about 30 more channels than before including BBC America and ESPN U. The service also comes with wireless Internet for the whole house — and their broadcaster is about 800 percent better than my store-bought one.

All of this for $20 a month cheaper than Comcast. How are they going to compete with this?

By the way, it feels good to fulfill my Comcast vow.