Here’s an incredibly unscrupulous company that writes dissertations for $40 per page. Check out the FAQ page:

My university has plagiarism detection software. What if I am accused of plagiarism?

All writing and research tasks are 100% original, based on the exact specifications provided to us by you. All the term papers, theses, research proposals and essays are written exclusively for you and are never resold.

We guarantee that our paper will pass through any plagiarism detection software without being detected as it will be non-plagiarised and will be written exclusively for you.

You are a group of professional writers and university professors. What if one of you happens to be my professor?

It will rarely happen that your work will get into the hands of your own professor. But even if it does, be assured that no fuss will be made about it. In fact, it will increase your chances of getting a good grade once you submit your thesis or dissertation.

Rather brazen.